Elevate your print pieces with the finest finishing touch

Elevate your print pieces with the finest finishing touch

If it does not end well, it is not the ending.'' We quote this as we understand the need for a fine ending for every product that might have been printed. The concern is about not underestimating the finishing. A finishing could be anything, lamination service, printing and binding services, or decoration with stickers and labels prints. Although, these are limited to a few items themselves. You can’t be laminating everything and you can't be spiral binding some things. In this article, we are going to cover the part where you understand why one should focus on multiple finishes and what things should you laminate. We will cover three types of finishing that are mandatory for every printing item and would be used in multiple covers.  


There are multiple things that you might want to get laminated printing and give your thoughts about and your questions could be about the things that you can laminate and why is there a need to laminate these items.

What to laminate

Lamination does not only deal with the protection but the overall maintenance of your print. But the question arises on the things that you think you can laminate. 

There are plenty of items which have paper use, the paper might be of different quality and sizes but they all need protection. You can consider posters, business cards, tags, artwork, catalogs, identity cards, bookmarks, photos etc. all as the part of the things that you can laminate. 

Why should you laminate 

The major reason for anything to be laminated is to add protection and provide safety to the product from the external environment. This is to increase the durability and longevity of the product you are printing. Once you go for laminated printing on any product, you shall be assured of the safety but moreover it gives a better impression because of the quality of the product. A product is finished with its overall appearance and safety procedure, once the lamination is done.

Binding services 

Everything cannot be laminated and likewise, everything cannot be spiral bound or in general in printing and binding services. Your documents supposedly need a binding to keep all the documents organized and attached. Other items such as your projects and calendars are one major part of binding services. You can print more and more items and give them up for binding such as comic books or even scrapbooks. Your aim with binding is to keep the paper and pages together without damaging them.

Binding is the finish that could be done for as many papers as possible. While this service is a very optimized method to gain a good finishing of the product. 

Sticker and labels 

Why should you put stickers and labels? 

Stickers and labels are the only finish that could be a cherry on top of your entire print and printing process. Normally these labels are put to make sure of the identification of the products or maybe branding and marketing of the product. Stickers and labels are also used to make a decorative impression. That is where it becomes a game changer as most items would look the same without the use of stickers and labels.

Where can you put stickers and labels?

These stickers can be used for multiple purposes. They can be put to market with products such as candles and kept for brand identification. More than that stickers and labels can also be used in barcodes or some place of warning to attain caution. 

Stickers could be used for some minor use too, such as for name tags on your bags or books, etc. They could be used as an identity address, labels, or mentioning any organization in a festival. These stickers and labels are more than merely some tags or decorative items, they make you stand out from the crowd and give a unique appearance to the overall product with this finishing. 


Ensuring a product's finishing is as crucial as its creation. Whether it's lamination, binding, or embellishments like stickers and labels, each detail contributes to the overall quality and appeal. While not every item requires the same treatment, understanding the importance of varied finishes enhances the product's durability, presentation, and user experience. By exploring essential finishing techniques with a good printing shop, we emphasize that a well-executed ending is integral to the success of any printed material, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on its audience.

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